Commit ff4886b9 authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp
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[svn-r10709] Added tests for MPI-3 predefined datatypes in Fortran

parent 3ae0d5a7
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = testlist
noinst_PROGRAMS = typenamef typesnamef typecntsf typesubf typem2f gaddressf \
packef allctypesf hindex1f hindexed_blockf
packef allctypesf hindex1f hindexed_blockf typename3f
## typeaints.h will be distributed because it's listed in AC_CONFIG_FILES/AC_OUTPUT
typenamef 1
typename3f 1 mpiversion=3.0
typesnamef 1
typecntsf 1
typem2f 1
C -*- Mode: Fortran; -*-
C (C) 2012 by Argonne National Laboratory.
C See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
program main
implicit none
include 'mpif.h'
character*(MPI_MAX_OBJECT_NAME) name
integer namelen
integer ierr, errs
errs = 0
call mtest_init( ierr )
C Check each Fortran datatype, including the size-specific ones
C See the C version (typename.c) for the relevant MPI sections
call MPI_Type_get_name( MPI_AINT, name, namelen, ierr )
if (name(1:namelen) .ne. "MPI_AINT") then
errs = errs + 1
print *, "Expected MPI_AINT but got "//name(1:namelen)
call MPI_Type_get_name( MPI_OFFSET, name, namelen, ierr )
if (name(1:namelen) .ne. "MPI_OFFSET") then
errs = errs + 1
print *, "Expected MPI_OFFSET but got "//name(1:namelen)
call MPI_Type_get_name( MPI_COUNT, name, namelen, ierr )
if (name(1:namelen) .ne. "MPI_COUNT") then
errs = errs + 1
print *, "Expected MPI_COUNT but got "//name(1:namelen)
call mtest_finalize( errs )
call MPI_Finalize( ierr )
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