Commit fab604e6 authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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ROMIO debugging: environment var to select fs type

introduce the environment variable ROMIO_FSTYPE_FORCE which one can set
to forcibly override ROMIO's file system detection logic when the
"prepend a prefix" approach is infeasable.
parent c10e0841
......@@ -689,6 +689,22 @@ void ADIO_ResolveFileType(MPI_Comm comm, const char *filename, int *fstype,
/* lastly, there may be situations where one cannot override the file
* system detection with a prefix -- maybe the file name is passed to both
* posix and MPI-IO routines, or maybe the file name is hard-coded into an
* application.
* Assumes all processes set the same environment varialble.
* Values: the same prefix you would stick on a file path. e.g. pvfs2: --
* including the colon! */
char * p = getenv("ROMIO_FSTYPE_FORCE");
if (p != NULL) {
ADIO_FileSysType_prefix(p, &file_system, &myerrcode);
if (myerrcode != MPI_SUCCESS) {
*error_code = myerrcode;
/* verify that we support this file system type and set ops pointer */
if (file_system == ADIO_PFS) {
#ifndef ROMIO_PFS
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