Commit f77aacb8 authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp
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Added a test for an invalid, size 0, determination of the sizeof a Fortran integer

parent e5812549
......@@ -1894,12 +1894,7 @@ if test -n "$F90" -o -n "$F90FLAGS" ; then
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Handle default choices for the Fortran compilers
if test "$enable_f77" = "yes" ; then
# Check for a Fortran compiler
# FIXME already done earlier
dnl PAC_PROG_F77
# Note that these have already been set above
if test "$enable_f77" = "yes" -a "$F77" = "" ; then
# No Fortran 77 compiler found; abort
......@@ -3484,7 +3479,8 @@ if test "$enable_f77" = yes ; then
if test -z "$pac_cv_f77_sizeof_integer" ; then
if test -z "$pac_cv_f77_sizeof_integer" -o \
"X$pac_cv_f77_sizeof_integer" = "X0" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Unable to configure with Fortran support because configure could not determine the size of a Fortran INTEGER. Consider setting CROSS_F77_SIZEOF_INTEGER to the length in bytes of a Fortran INTEGER])
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