Commit f47c806f authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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small memory management cleanups

missed a free of an unused array in one case, and freed some arrays
immediately after calling MPI_Alltoallv in an attempt to chip away at
memory footprint.
parent 14b4acc7
......@@ -1331,6 +1331,7 @@ static void ADIOI_W_Exchange_data_alltoallv(
min_st_offset, fd_size, fd_start, fd_end,
send_buf_idx, curr_to_proc, done_to_proc, iter,
/* alltoallv */
......@@ -1339,6 +1340,9 @@ static void ADIOI_W_Exchange_data_alltoallv(
all_recv_buf, recv_size, rdispls, MPI_BYTE,
fd->comm );
ADIOI_Free( all_send_buf );
/* data sieving pre-read */
/* To avoid a read-modify-write, check if there are holes in the
data to be written. For this, merge the (sorted) offset lists
......@@ -1416,9 +1420,7 @@ static void ADIOI_W_Exchange_data_alltoallv(
ADIOI_Free( tmp_len );
ADIOI_Free( all_send_buf );
ADIOI_Free( all_recv_buf );
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