Commit f0c8fe8e authored by Kenneth Raffenetti's avatar Kenneth Raffenetti
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portals4: support for MPI_ANY_TAG recvs

Ignore tag matching when MPI_ANY_TAG is passed to a recv operation.
Signed-off-by: Sangmin Seo's avatarSangmin Seo <>
parent 239010d5
......@@ -390,7 +390,11 @@ int MPID_nem_ptl_recv_posted(MPIDI_VC_t *vc, MPID_Request *rreq)
MPIU_DBG_MSG_FMT(CH3_CHANNEL, VERBOSE, (MPIU_DBG_FDEST, "tag=%#x ctx=%#x rank=%#x", rreq->, rreq->, rreq->;
me.match_bits = NPTL_MATCH(rreq->, rreq->,
me.ignore_bits = NPTL_MATCH_IGNORE;
if (rreq-> == MPI_ANY_TAG)
me.ignore_bits = NPTL_MATCH_IGNORE_ANY_TAG;
me.ignore_bits = NPTL_MATCH_IGNORE;
me.min_free = 0;
MPIDI_Datatype_get_info(rreq->dev.user_count, rreq->dev.datatype, dt_contig, data_sz, dt_ptr, dt_true_lb);
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