Commit ec6af78b authored by Paul Coffman's avatar Paul Coffman Committed by Rob Latham
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MPIDO_Ibarrier optimized pami code incorrect

The optimized pami code currently within MPIDO_Ibarrier
is incorrect - for now do not run it, instead just
kick back to MPICH if mpir_nbc is set, otherwise
call the blocking MPIR_Barrier().
Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <>
parent ef09dabf
......@@ -34,8 +34,11 @@ int MPIDO_Ibarrier(MPID_Comm *comm_ptr, MPID_Request **request)
TRACE_ERR("Entering MPIDO_Ibarrier\n");
if(unlikely(comm_ptr->mpid.user_selected_type[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER] == MPID_COLL_USE_MPICH))
* There is actually no current pami optimization for this
* so just kick it back to MPICH if mpir_nbc is set, otherwise
* call the blocking MPIR_Barrier().
if (MPIDI_Process.mpir_nbc != 0)
return 0;
......@@ -56,61 +59,4 @@ int MPIDO_Ibarrier(MPID_Comm *comm_ptr, MPID_Request **request)
return rc;
MPIDI_Post_coll_t barrier_post;
pami_xfer_t barrier;
pami_algorithm_t my_barrier;
pami_metadata_t *my_barrier_md;
int queryreq = 0;
MPID_Request * mpid_request = MPID_Request_create_inline();
mpid_request->kind = MPID_COLL_REQUEST;
*request = mpid_request;
barrier.cb_done = cb_ibarrier;
barrier.cookie = (void *)mpid_request;
if(comm_ptr->mpid.user_selected_type[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER] == MPID_COLL_OPTIMIZED)
TRACE_ERR("Optimized barrier (%s) was pre-selected\n", comm_ptr->mpid.opt_protocol_md[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER][0].name);
my_barrier = comm_ptr->mpid.opt_protocol[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER][0];
my_barrier_md = &comm_ptr->mpid.opt_protocol_md[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER][0];
queryreq = comm_ptr->mpid.must_query[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER][0];
TRACE_ERR("Barrier (%s) was specified by user\n", comm_ptr->mpid.user_metadata[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER].name);
my_barrier = comm_ptr->mpid.user_selected[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER];
my_barrier_md = &comm_ptr->mpid.user_metadata[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER];
queryreq = comm_ptr->mpid.user_selected_type[PAMI_XFER_BARRIER];
barrier.algorithm = my_barrier;
/* There is no support for query-required barrier protocols here */
MPID_assert_always(queryreq != MPID_COLL_ALWAYS_QUERY);
MPID_assert_always(queryreq != MPID_COLL_CHECK_FN_REQUIRED);
/* TODO Name needs fixed somehow */
MPIDI_Update_last_algorithm(comm_ptr, my_barrier_md->name);
if(unlikely(MPIDI_Process.verbose >= MPIDI_VERBOSE_DETAILS_ALL && comm_ptr->rank == 0))
unsigned long long int threadID;
MPIU_Thread_id_t tid;
threadID = (unsigned long long int)tid;
fprintf(stderr,"<%llx> Using protocol %s for barrier on %u\n",
(unsigned) comm_ptr->context_id);
TRACE_ERR("%s barrier\n",>0?"posting":"invoking");
MPIDI_Context_post(MPIDI_Context[0], &barrier_post.state,
MPIDI_Pami_post_wrapper, (void *)&barrier);
TRACE_ERR("barrier %s rc: %d\n",>0?"posted":"invoked", rc);
TRACE_ERR("exiting mpido_ibarrier\n");
return 0;
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