Commit e9a24700 authored by Min Si's avatar Min Si
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Increase bcast2 and bcast3 timelimit to 20mins.

Some overloaded nightly test nodes use almost 20 minutes for running
these tests. We increase their time limit for now to easily figure out
other bugs reported by nightly test.
parent e6c82f09
......@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@ bcasttest 10
bcast2 4
# More that 8 processes are required to get bcast to switch to the long
# msg algorithm (see coll definitions in mpiimpl.h)
bcast2 10 timeLimit=780
bcast3 10 timeLimit=780
bcast2 10 timeLimit=1200
bcast3 10 timeLimit=1200
bcastzerotype 1
bcastzerotype 4
bcastzerotype 5
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