Commit e38618b0 authored by Paul Coffman's avatar Paul Coffman Committed by Rob Latham
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Criteria for disabling pami optimized collectives invalid on BGQ

At the end of MPIDI_Init_collsel_extension in the pami device init code
mpid_init.c there is logic to disable the optimized collectives based on
criteria that is invalid on BGQ but was nonetheless always evaluating to
true and disabling the optimized collectives on BGQ.  Compiler
directives were placed around the logic to avoid this code for the  BGQ
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Coffman <>
Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <>
parent 0a69a9d0
......@@ -636,9 +636,11 @@ void MPIDI_Init_collsel_extension()
MPIDI_Process.optimized.auto_select_colls = MPID_AUTO_SELECT_COLLS_NONE;
#ifndef __BGQ__
//If collective selection will be disabled, check on fca, if both not required, disable pami alltogether
if(MPIDI_Process.optimized.auto_select_colls == MPID_AUTO_SELECT_COLLS_NONE && MPIDI_Process.optimized.collectives != MPID_COLL_FCA)
MPIDI_Process.optimized.collectives = MPID_COLL_OFF;
void MPIDI_Collsel_table_generate()
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