Commit e19131bc authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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[svn-r7381] removezeros was doing the wrong thing for certain flattened representations:

perfectly valid flattened representations end up with one big block and do not
need an additional upper bound or lower bound.   Thanks Michael Raymond
parent b6247662
......@@ -1023,6 +1023,12 @@ static void removezeros(ADIOI_Flatlist_node *flat_type)
ADIO_Offset *opt_blocklens;
ADIO_Offset *opt_indices;
/* short-circuit: there is nothing to do if there are
* - 1 block: what can we remove?
* - 2 blocks: either both blocks are data (and not zero)
* or one block is the UB or LB */
if (flat_type->count <= 2) return;
opt_blocks = 2; /* LB and UB */
for (i=1; i < flat_type->count -1; i++) {
if(flat_type->blocklens[i] != 0)
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