Commit cd79f45f authored by Sangmin Seo's avatar Sangmin Seo
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ROMIO: check if the host OS is Linux

configure defines ROMIO_RUN_ON_LINUX as 1 when the host OS is Linux.
Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <>
parent 13b72b4d
......@@ -1155,6 +1155,17 @@ AS_IF([test "x$with_aiolite" == xyes],
# End of aio-related tests
# Linux aio library seems to have problems when they are used in our NBC I/O
# implementation. We let the code know when the host OS is Linux so that the
# NBC I/O implementation uses blocking I/O operations.
# See
# compute canonical system types
[linux*], AC_DEFINE(ROMIO_RUN_ON_LINUX,1,[Define if run on Linux]))
# End of OS check
# Check for statfs (many) and specifically f_fstypename field (BSD)
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