Commit cc23a3b6 authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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[svn-r8741] add some missing mpe identifiers. they were used in ROMIO but not declared.

only exposed in the "trace internal calls" case.
parent 1c9fe01a
......@@ -97,6 +97,8 @@ void ADIO_Init(int *argc, char ***argv, int *error_code)
MPE_Log_get_state_eventIDs( &ADIOI_MPE_openinternal_a,
MPE_Log_get_state_eventIDs( &ADIOI_MPE_stat_a, &ADIOI_MPE_stat_b);
MPE_Log_get_state_eventIDs( &ADIOI_MPE_iread_a, &ADIOI_MPE_iread_b);
MPE_Log_get_state_eventIDs( &ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_a, &ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_b);
int comm_world_rank;
MPI_Comm_rank( MPI_COMM_WORLD, &comm_world_rank );
......@@ -122,6 +124,8 @@ void ADIO_Init(int *argc, char ***argv, int *error_code)
"postwrite", "ivory" );
MPE_Describe_state( ADIOI_MPE_openinternal_a, ADIOI_MPE_openinternal_b, "open system", "blue");
MPE_Describe_state( ADIOI_MPE_stat_a, ADIOI_MPE_stat_b, "stat", "purple");
MPE_Describe_state( ADIOI_MPE_iread_a, ADIOI_MPE_iread_b, "iread", "purple");
MPE_Describe_state( ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_a, ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_b, "iwrite", "purple");
......@@ -808,6 +808,10 @@ int ADIOI_MPE_openinternal_a;
int ADIOI_MPE_openinternal_b;
int ADIOI_MPE_stat_a;
int ADIOI_MPE_stat_b;
int ADIOI_MPE_iread_a;
int ADIOI_MPE_iread_b;
int ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_a;
int ADIOI_MPE_iwrite_b;
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