Commit c750a8b8 authored by Antonio J. Pena's avatar Antonio J. Pena
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Fix braces compiler suggestion (warning)

Fixes the following warning in ch3u_handle_connection.c whith --enable-strict:

src/mpid/ch3/src/ch3u_handle_connection.c:317:194: warning: suggest braces
around empty body in an 'if' statement [-Wempty-body]
Signed-off-by: default avatarWesley Bland <>
parent ee7f0aae
......@@ -314,11 +314,12 @@ int MPIDI_CH3_PktHandler_Close( MPIDI_VC_t *vc, MPIDI_CH3_Pkt_t *pkt,
else /* (vc->state == MPIDI_VC_STATE_ACTIVE) */
if (vc->state != MPIDI_VC_STATE_ACTIVE)
MPIU_DBG_MSG_FMT(CH3_DISCONNECT, TYPICAL, (MPIU_DBG_FDEST, "Unexpected state %s in vc %p (rank=%d) (expecting MPIDI_VC_STATE_ACTIVE)\n", MPIDI_VC_GetStateString(vc->state), vc, vc->pg_rank ));
"received close(FALSE) from %d, moving to REMOTE_CLOSE.",
MPIU_Assert(vc->state == MPIDI_VC_STATE_ACTIVE);
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