Commit c2f7addc authored by Darius Buntinas's avatar Darius Buntinas
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[svn-r7399] fixed hang with MX threads and probe and send to self.

parent 84099284
......@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ int MPID_Probe(int source, int tag, MPID_Comm * comm, int context_offset,
mpi_errno = MPIDI_Anysource_iprobe_fn(tag, comm, context_offset, &found, status);
if (mpi_errno) MPIU_ERR_POP(mpi_errno);
if (found) break;
mpi_errno = MPIDI_CH3_Progress_test();
if (mpi_errno) MPIU_ERR_POP(mpi_errno);
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