Commit c11ccde6 authored by Huiwei Lu's avatar Huiwei Lu
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Mark two MPI_Comm_idup related tests as xfail

They are known to be failing. Mark them as xfail so they will not send
false alarms to other patches.

No reviewer.
parent 866598b9
......@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@ dup_leak_test 2
comm_dup_deadlock 4
comm_create_threads 4
comm_create_group_threads 4
comm_idup 4 mpiversion=3.0
ctxidup 4
comm_idup 4 mpiversion=3.0 xfail=ticket2108
ctxidup 4 mpiversion=3.0 xfail=ticket2108
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