Commit b338d7a6 authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp Committed by Junchao Zhang
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Create doctext index and suppress location

Signed-off-by: default avatarJunchao Zhang <>
parent 3a4d8eb1
......@@ -376,23 +376,30 @@ mandoc_path3=$(abs_top_builddir)/man/man3
# Provide an easily replaced url root for the generated index file.
# You can override this with URL desired in the index file generated by doctext.
# You can ignore this if you don't use mapnames or tohtml to add links
# to the MPI manual pages to documents.
# Implicit suffix rules to cause the docs to be built. These are a bit of a
# hack, but using the implicit rules like this instead of a shell for loop
# permits make -jN to work.
$(doctextman_verbose)$(DOCTEXT) -man -mpath $(mandoc_path3) -ext 3 \
-heading MPI -quotefmt $(doctext_docnotes) $<
-heading MPI -quotefmt -nolocation $(doctext_docnotes) $<
$(doctexthtml_verbose)$(DOCTEXT) -html -mpath $(htmldoc_path3) \
-heading MPI -quotefmt $(doctext_docnotes) $<
-heading MPI -quotefmt -nolocation \
-index $(htmldoc_path3)/mpi.cit -indexdir $(htmldoc_root3) \
$(doctext_docnotes) $<
$(doctextman_verbose)$(DOCTEXT) -man -mpath $(mandoc_path1) -ext 1 \
-heading MPI -quotefmt $(doctext_docnotes) $<
-heading MPI -quotefmt -nolocation $(doctext_docnotes) $<
$(doctexthtml_verbose)$(DOCTEXT) -html -mpath $(htmldoc_path1) \
-heading MPI -quotefmt $(doctext_docnotes) $<
-heading MPI -quotefmt -nolocation $(doctext_docnotes) $<
# use mandoc-local target to force directory creation before running DOCTEXT
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