Commit b1e89abf authored by Kenneth Raffenetti's avatar Kenneth Raffenetti
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implement PMI_Abort

Implement abort in the Hydra PMI server and modify simple PMI to send
an abort command. Previously, we just exited the calling process and
relied on the process manager to detect it and cleanup the rest of the
job. Refs #1537
Signed-off-by: Pavan Balaji's avatarPavan Balaji <>
parent fef27d3b
......@@ -760,6 +760,38 @@ static HYD_status fn_lookup_name(int fd, int pid, int pgid, char *args[])
goto fn_exit;
static HYD_status fn_abort(int fd, int pid, int pgid, char *args[])
int token_count;
struct HYD_pmcd_token *tokens;
/* set a default exit code of 1 */
int exitcode = 1;
HYD_status status = HYD_SUCCESS;
status = HYD_pmcd_pmi_args_to_tokens(args, &tokens, &token_count);
HYDU_ERR_POP(status, "unable to convert args to tokens\n");
if (HYD_pmcd_pmi_find_token_keyval(tokens, token_count, "exitcode") == NULL)
HYDU_ERR_POP(status, "cannot find token: exitcode\n");
exitcode = atoi(HYD_pmcd_pmi_find_token_keyval(tokens, token_count, "exitcode"));
/* clean everything up and exit */
status = HYDT_bsci_wait_for_completion(0);
/* never get here */
return status;
goto fn_exit;
/* TODO: abort, create_kvs, destroy_kvs, getbyidx */
static struct HYD_pmcd_pmi_handle pmi_v1_handle_fns_foo[] = {
{"barrier_in", fn_barrier_in},
......@@ -769,6 +801,7 @@ static struct HYD_pmcd_pmi_handle pmi_v1_handle_fns_foo[] = {
{"publish_name", fn_publish_name},
{"unpublish_name", fn_unpublish_name},
{"lookup_name", fn_lookup_name},
{"abort", fn_abort},
{"\0", NULL}
......@@ -322,8 +322,15 @@ int PMI_Finalize( void )
int PMI_Abort(int exit_code, const char error_msg[])
PMIU_printf(1, "aborting job:\n%s\n", error_msg);
char buf[PMIU_MAXLINE];
/* include exit_code in the abort command */
MPIU_Snprintf( buf, PMIU_MAXLINE, "cmd=abort exitcode=%d\n", exit_code);
PMIU_printf(PMI_debug, "aborting job:\n%s\n", error_msg);
GetResponse( buf, "", 0 );
/* the above command should not return */
return -1;
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