Commit a1b05be2 authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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[svn-r4445] renamed this function, but didn't update declaration

parent 64d2f074
......@@ -524,7 +524,7 @@ void ADIOI_Exch_file_views(int myrank, int nprocs, int file_ptr_type,
view_state *my_mem_view_state_arr,
view_state *agg_file_view_state_arr,
view_state *client_file_view_state_arr);
int init_view_state(int file_ptr_type,
int ADIOI_init_view_state(int file_ptr_type,
int nprocs,
view_state *view_state_arr,
int op_type);
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