Commit 99595a2a authored by David Goodell's avatar David Goodell
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[svn-r6951] fix problems with the **memcpyalias error message

This required moving CHKMEMCPYANDSTMT above the "/* --BEGIN ERROR MACROS-- */"
line.  This lets maint/extracterrmsgs know that **memcpyalias is
actually used and avoids an "(unknown)(): Internal MPI error!" message
when memcpy arguments are aliased in MPIR_Localcopy.

Also fix a format string mismatch.

No reviewer.
parent 961674d1
......@@ -375,6 +375,12 @@
} \
/* some simple memcpy aliasing checks */
#define MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDSTMT(err_,stmt_,src_,dst_,len_) \
MPIU_ERR_CHKANDSTMT3(MPIU_MEM_RANGES_OVERLAP((dst_),(len_),(src_),(len_)),err_,MPI_ERR_INTERN,stmt_,"**memcpyalias","**memcpyalias %p %p %L",(src_),(dst_),(long long)(len_))
#define MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDJUMP(err_,src_,dst_,len_) \
MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDSTMT((err_),goto fn_fail,(src_),(dst_),(len_))
/* Special MPI error "class/code" for out of memory */
/* FIXME: not yet done */
......@@ -395,12 +401,6 @@
#define MPIU_ERR_POPFATAL_LABEL(err_, label_) \
/* some simple memcpy aliasing checks */
#define MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDSTMT(err_,stmt_,src_,dst_,len_) \
MPIU_ERR_CHKANDSTMT3(MPIU_MEM_RANGES_OVERLAP((dst_),(len_),(src_),(len_)),mpi_errno,MPI_ERR_INTERN,stmt_,"**memcpyalias","**memcpy %p %p %L",(src_),(dst_),(len_))
#define MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDJUMP(err_,src_,dst_,len_) \
MPIU_ERR_CHKMEMCPYANDSTMT((err_),goto fn_fail,(src_),(dst_),(len_))
/* If you add any macros to this list, make sure that you update
maint/extracterrmsgs to handle the additional macros (see the hash
KnownErrRoutines in that script)
**dynamic_node_ids: Node information for dynamic processes currently is not implemnted
**memcpyalias:memcpy arguments alias each other
**memcpyalias %p %p %L:memcpy arguments alias each other, dst=%d src=%d len=%L
**memcpyalias %p %p %L:memcpy arguments alias each other, dst=%p src=%p len=%L
# -- FIXME: Some (but not all) of the messages below this line have been used
#---- The messages below this line haven't been used yet.
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