Commit 96731e56 authored by James Dinan's avatar James Dinan
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[svn-r10203] Fixed CAS last-op detection for active mode epochs.

Reviewer: buntinas
parent 2c91fc9b
......@@ -873,7 +873,7 @@ static int MPIDI_CH3I_Send_immed_rmw_msg(MPIDI_RMA_ops *rma_op,
/* If this is the last operation, it also unlocks the window
at the target. */
if (rma_op->next == NULL) {
if (source_win_handle != MPI_WIN_NULL) {
MPIDI_Pkt_init(cas_pkt, MPIDI_CH3_PKT_CAS_UNLOCK);
} else {
MPIDI_Pkt_init(cas_pkt, MPIDI_CH3_PKT_CAS);
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