Commit 960a9c8a authored by Junchao Zhang's avatar Junchao Zhang
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Fix an arg name in MPI_Comm_set_info

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parent 23c3ed3a
......@@ -1557,11 +1557,11 @@ interface MPI_Comm_set_attr
end interface MPI_Comm_set_attr
interface MPI_Comm_set_info
subroutine MPI_Comm_set_info_f08(comm, info_used, ierror)
subroutine MPI_Comm_set_info_f08(comm, info, ierror)
use :: mpi_f08_types, only : MPI_Comm, MPI_Info
implicit none
type(MPI_Comm), intent(in) :: comm
type(MPI_Info), intent(in) :: info_used
type(MPI_Info), intent(in) :: info
integer, optional, intent(out) :: ierror
end subroutine MPI_Comm_set_info_f08
end interface MPI_Comm_set_info
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