Commit 90be9ee1 authored by James Dinan's avatar James Dinan
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Added flags to MPID_Request

Added a flags field to MPID_Request that we can use to stash flags from
suspended RMA ops and retrieve them later when we complete the operation.

Reviewer: goodell
parent 478a80f5
......@@ -381,6 +381,7 @@ typedef struct MPIDI_Request {
MPI_Win target_win_handle;
MPI_Win source_win_handle;
int single_op_opt; /* to indicate a lock-put-unlock optimization case */
MPIDI_CH3_Pkt_flags_t flags; /* flags that were included in the original RMA packet header */
struct MPIDI_Win_lock_queue *lock_queue_entry; /* for single lock-put-unlock optimization */
MPI_Request resp_request_handle; /* Handle for get_accumulate response */
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ MPID_Request * MPID_Request_create(void)
req->dev.dtype_info = NULL;
req->dev.dataloop = NULL;
req->dev.iov_offset = 0;
req->dev.flags = MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_NONE;
req->dev.resp_request_handle = MPI_REQUEST_NULL;
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