Commit 8ba706d7 authored by Junchao Zhang's avatar Junchao Zhang Committed by Antonio J. Pena
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Add error names for newly added MPI_T routines


Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio J. Pena <>
parent e56d9b8f
......@@ -66,3 +66,9 @@
**mpi_t_category_get_categories %d %d %p: MPI_T_category_get_categories(cat_index=%d, len=%d, indices=%p)
**mpi_t_category_changed: MPI_T_category_changed failed
**mpi_t_category_changed %p: MPI_T_category_changed(stamp=%p)
**mpi_t_cvar_get_index: mpi_t_cvar_get_index failed
**mpi_t_cvar_get_index %p %p: mpi_t_cvar_get_index(name=%p, cvar_index=%p)
**mpi_t_pvar_get_index: mpi_t_pvar_get_index failed
**mpi_t_pvar_get_index %p %d %p: mpi_t_pvar_get_index(name=%p, var_class=%d, pvar_index=%p)
**mpi_t_category_get_index: mpi_t_category_get_index failed
**mpi_t_category_get_index %p %p: mpi_t_category_get_index(name=%p, cat_index=%p)
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