Commit 8b83c815 authored by Jayesh Krishna's avatar Jayesh Krishna
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[svn-r4099] Unpack to the *right* iov buffers. The original code ignored iov...

[svn-r4099] Unpack to the *right* iov buffers. The original code ignored iov offsets. - refer ticket #462 for details - No reviewer
parent 8a504a01
......@@ -358,10 +358,10 @@ int MPIDI_CH3U_Request_load_recv_iov(MPID_Request * const rreq)
MPIU_Assert(last > 0);
&last, rreq->dev.iov, &rreq->dev.iov_count);
&last, &rreq->dev.iov[rreq->dev.iov_offset], &rreq->dev.iov_count);
"post-upv: first=" MPIDI_MSG_SZ_FMT ", last=" MPIDI_MSG_SZ_FMT ", iov_n=%d",
rreq->dev.segment_first, last, rreq->dev.iov_count));
"post-upv: first=" MPIDI_MSG_SZ_FMT ", last=" MPIDI_MSG_SZ_FMT ", iov_n=%d, iov_offset=%d",
rreq->dev.segment_first, last, rreq->dev.iov_count, rreq->dev.iov_offset));
MPIU_Assert(rreq->dev.iov_count >= 0 && rreq->dev.iov_count <=
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