Commit 89877405 authored by Pavan Balaji's avatar Pavan Balaji
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[svn-r477] Initializing some additional variables during their declaration....

[svn-r477] Initializing some additional variables during their declaration. This doesn't hurt MPICH2, but eases OSU's MVAPICH2 integration.
parent e6797885
......@@ -894,11 +894,11 @@ int MPIDI_CH3_PktHandler_Accumulate( MPIDI_VC_t *vc, MPIDI_CH3_Pkt_t *pkt,
MPIDI_msg_sz_t *buflen, MPID_Request **rreqp )
MPIDI_CH3_Pkt_accum_t * accum_pkt = &pkt->accum;
MPID_Request *req;
MPID_Request *req = NULL;
MPI_Aint true_lb, true_extent, extent;
void *tmp_buf = NULL;
int predefined;
int complete;
int complete = 0;
char *data_buf = NULL;
MPIDI_msg_sz_t data_len;
int mpi_errno = MPI_SUCCESS;
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