Commit 7e7d9b02 authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp
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[svn-r9060] Added FIXME about error checking in RMA

parent 486dd545
......@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@ int MPIDI_Win_create(void *base, MPI_Aint size, int disp_unit, MPID_Info *info,
mpi_errno, "tmp_buf");
/* FIXME: This needs to be fixed for heterogeneous systems */
/* FIXME: If we wanted to validate the transfer as within range at the
origin, we'd also need the window size. */
tmp_buf[3*rank] = MPIU_PtrToAint(base);
tmp_buf[3*rank+1] = (MPI_Aint) disp_unit;
tmp_buf[3*rank+2] = (MPI_Aint) (*win_ptr)->handle;
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