Commit 73e32112 authored by Kenneth Raffenetti's avatar Kenneth Raffenetti
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portals4: fix anysource_matched

This fix, along with a pending patch to the Portal4 reference implementation,
should make anysource_matched a more reliable operation for multithreaded apps. We
were seeing a race condition where an ME would unlink successfully, but an
event matching it would still arrive in the queue. CH3 can now reliably search
the netmod queue for matched MPI_ANY_SOURCE requests.

The reason that we no longer assert that an MPI_ANY_SOURCE request was removed
from the CH3 queue is that FDP (find and dequeue posted) operations will remove
the request from the queue, if it is known to be already matched by the netmod,
even if it has not yet completed.

Fixes #2199
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio J. Pena <>
parent 4309ba57
......@@ -22,7 +22,10 @@ static void dequeue_req(const ptl_event_t *e)
found = MPIDI_CH3U_Recvq_DP(rreq);
/* an MPI_ANY_SOURCE request may have been previously removed from the
CH3 queue by an FDP (find and dequeue posted) operation */
if (rreq-> != MPI_ANY_SOURCE)
rreq->status.MPI_ERROR = MPI_SUCCESS;
rreq->status.MPI_SOURCE = NPTL_MATCH_GET_RANK(e->match_bits);
......@@ -597,15 +600,12 @@ static int cancel_recv(MPID_Request *rreq, int *cancelled)
/* An invalid handle indicates the operation has been completed
and the matching list entry unlinked. At that point, the operation
cannot be cancelled. */
if (REQ_PTL(rreq)->put_me != PTL_INVALID_HANDLE) {
ptl_err = PtlMEUnlink(REQ_PTL(rreq)->put_me);
if (ptl_err == PTL_OK)
*cancelled = TRUE;
/* FIXME: if we properly invalidate matching list entry handles, we should be
able to ensure an unlink operation results in either PTL_OK or PTL_IN_USE.
Anything else would be an error. For now, though, we assume anything but PTL_OK
is uncancelable and return. */
if (REQ_PTL(rreq)->put_me == PTL_INVALID_HANDLE)
goto fn_exit;
ptl_err = PtlMEUnlink(REQ_PTL(rreq)->put_me);
if (ptl_err == PTL_OK)
*cancelled = TRUE;
......@@ -635,7 +635,7 @@ int MPID_nem_ptl_anysource_matched(MPID_Request *rreq)
return !cancelled;
goto fn_exit;
threads 2 timeLimit=600
threaded_sr 2
alltoall 4 xfail=ticket2199
alltoall 4
sendselfth 1
multisend 2
multisend2 5
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