Commit 66865358 authored by Pavan Balaji's avatar Pavan Balaji
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Remove bogus checks for MPIF_STATUS size.

When MPI_Count was added to the status field, a bunch of bogus checks
got added into configure and MPI_Init.  This patch cleans up these
Signed-off-by: default avatarWilliam Gropp <>
parent 27d2a829
......@@ -5812,22 +5812,10 @@ AC_SUBST([SIZEOF_MPI_STATUS])
if test "$enable_f77" = yes -a -z "$MPI_STATUS_SIZE" ; then
if test -n "$SIZEOF_MPI_STATUS" ; then
# compute from the C sizeof
# Note that these *must* use the size of a Fortran INTEGER,
# not a C int - as those two types might not be the same size.
if test -z "$pac_cv_f77_sizeof_integer" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Sizeof Fortran INTEGER (MPI_Fint) is not available])
AS_VAR_ARITH([MPI_STATUS_SIZE],[$SIZEOF_MPI_STATUS / $pac_cv_f77_sizeof_integer])
if test "$MPI_STATUS_SIZE" = "0" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Could not compute the size of MPI_Status])
# sanity: otherwise we have a problem in Fortran where we must implement
# MPI_STATUS as an array of INTEGERs with MPI_STATUS_SIZE elements
AS_VAR_ARITH([status_int_rem],[$SIZEOF_MPI_STATUS '%' $ac_cv_sizeof_int])
AS_IF([test "$status_int_rem" -gt 0],
[AC_MSG_ERROR([status size does not divide evenly by the integer size])])
AC_MSG_ERROR([MPI_STATUS_SIZE was not defined!])
......@@ -439,11 +439,6 @@ int MPIR_Init_thread(int * argc, char ***argv, int required, int * provided)
/* Assert: tag_ub is at least the minimum asked for in the MPI spec */
MPIU_Assert( MPIR_Process.attrs.tag_ub >= 32767 );
/* very nasty bugs will occur if this does not hold */
MPIU_Assert(sizeof(MPI_Status) == MPIF_STATUS_SIZE*sizeof(MPI_Fint));
/* Capture the level of thread support provided */
MPIR_ThreadInfo.thread_provided = thread_provided;
if (provided) *provided = thread_provided;
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