Commit 63ac36a4 authored by Huiwei Lu's avatar Huiwei Lu
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Mark comm_idup_overlap as xfail

comm_idup_overlap fails on mpich-mxm with "clang,async,ib"
configuration. It was not fully tested on mxm because mxm was added
after comm_idup patch. The reason of failing is still unknown. All other
platforms and configurations are fine.

Ticket #2238

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parent ca954376
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ comm_idup 2 mpiversion=3.0
comm_idup 4 mpiversion=3.0
comm_idup 9 mpiversion=3.0
comm_idup_mul 2 mpiversion=3.0
comm_idup_overlap 2 mpiversion=3.0
comm_idup_overlap 2 mpiversion=3.0 xfail=ticket2238
dup_with_info 2 mpiversion=3.0
dup_with_info 4 mpiversion=3.0
dup_with_info 9 mpiversion=3.0
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