Commit 5b93b07e authored by David Goodell's avatar David Goodell
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[svn-r6964] add another MPL_VG_ANNOTATE_NEW_MEMORY in the handle allocator

This eliminates spurious warnings from helgrind/drd about fields in
MPID_Request that obj->next aliases.

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parent a3f0e65d
......@@ -442,6 +442,13 @@ void MPIU_Handle_obj_free( MPIU_Object_alloc_t *objmem, void *object )
MPL_VG_MAKE_MEM_DEFINED(&obj->handle, sizeof(obj->handle));
MPL_VG_MAKE_MEM_UNDEFINED(&obj->next, sizeof(obj->next));
/* Necessary to prevent annotations from being misinterpreted. HB/HA arcs
* will be drawn between a req object in across a free/alloc boundary
* otherwise. Specifically, stores to obj->next when obj is actually an
* MPID_Request falsely look like a race to DRD and Helgrind because of the
* other lockfree synchronization used with requests. */
MPL_VG_ANNOTATE_NEW_MEMORY(obj, objmem->size);
obj->next = objmem->avail;
objmem->avail = obj;
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