Commit 56fee8ce authored by Junchao Zhang's avatar Junchao Zhang
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Add support for MPIX_ subroutines in cdesc buildiface

No review since F08 binding is experimental now.
parent 3f060b9f
......@@ -456,15 +456,17 @@ while (<FD>) {
if (grep/void\s*\*/, @arglist) {
$fname = "$routine";
$fname =~ s/MPI_//g;
$fname =~ s/MPIX_//g;
$fname =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;
$fname .= "_cdesc.c";
print MAKEFD "\tsrc/binding/fortran/use_mpi_f08/wrappers_c/$fname \\\n";
open(CFILE, ">$fname") || die "Could not open $fname\n";
# replace MPI_Foo with MPIR_Foo_cdesc
# replace MPI(X)_Foo with MPIR_Foo_cdesc
$cdesc_routine = $routine;
$cdesc_routine =~ s/MPI_/MPIR_/g;
$cdesc_routine =~ s/MPIX_/MPIR_/g;
$cdesc_routine .= "_cdesc";
print CFILE <<EOT;
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