Commit 47733e5b authored by Rajeev Thakur's avatar Rajeev Thakur
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[svn-r3300] if MPID_MPI_STATE_DECL evaluates to ';' Solaris compiler complains...

[svn-r3300] if MPID_MPI_STATE_DECL evaluates to ';' Solaris compiler complains of variable declarations after it
parent e780b24a
......@@ -146,8 +146,8 @@ int MPIR_Localcopy(void *sendbuf, int sendcount, MPI_Datatype sendtype,
int sendtype_iscontig, recvtype_iscontig, sendsize;
int rank, mpi_errno = MPI_SUCCESS;
MPI_Aint true_extent, sendtype_true_lb, recvtype_true_lb;
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