Commit 46afb950 authored by Xin Zhao's avatar Xin Zhao Committed by Pavan Balaji

Increase timeLimit of test/mpi/rma/rma-contig to 12min.

This test sometimes takes 11min on 32bits machine in random
configure tests. This patch increases its time limit to 12min.
Signed-off-by: Pavan Balaji's avatarPavan Balaji <>
parent 57b297e6
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ mutex_bench 4 mpiversion=3.0
mutex_bench_shared 4 mpiversion=3.0
mutex_bench_shm 4 mpiversion=3.0
mutex_bench_shm_ordered 4 mpiversion=3.0
rma-contig 2 mpiversion=3.0 timeLimit=600
rma-contig 2 mpiversion=3.0 timeLimit=720
badrma 2 mpiversion=3.0
acc-loc 4
fence_shm 2 mpiversion=3.0
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