Commit 46568410 authored by Antonio J. Pena's avatar Antonio J. Pena
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Destroy the handle mutex on finalize

It was created but never destroyed.
parent f08d09bc
......@@ -250,6 +250,8 @@ int MPIR_Thread_CS_Finalize( void )
/* There is a single, global lock, held for the duration of an MPI call */
MPID_Thread_mutex_destroy(&MPIR_ThreadInfo.global_mutex, &err);
MPIU_Assert(err == 0);
MPID_Thread_mutex_destroy(&MPIR_ThreadInfo.handle_mutex, &err);
MPIU_Assert(err == 0);
/* MPIU_THREAD_GRANULARITY_PER_OBJECT: There are multiple locks,
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