Commit 3e6e7380 authored by Guillaume Mercier's avatar Guillaume Mercier
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[svn-r7407] Fixed memory leak in Newmad init

parent 7107e2f7
......@@ -274,6 +274,8 @@ MPID_nem_newmad_vc_init (MPIDI_VC_t *vc)
mpi_errno = MPID_nem_newmad_get_from_bc (business_card, VC_FIELD(vc, hostname), VC_FIELD(vc, url));
if (mpi_errno) MPIU_ERR_POP (mpi_errno);
ret = nm_session_connect(mpid_nem_newmad_session, &(VC_FIELD(vc,p_gate)), VC_FIELD(vc, url));
if (ret != NM_ESUCCESS) fprintf(stdout,"nm_session_connect returned ret = %d\n", ret);
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