Commit 3b04f6c0 authored by Wesley Bland's avatar Wesley Bland
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Don't check for anysource if not recv

The function to check whether an operation was an anysource receive was
checking all request kinds, even if they weren't receives. This limits
that check to only receives to avoid examining an uninitialized
Signed-off-by: default avatarHuiwei Lu <>
parent d9c15cf3
......@@ -162,5 +162,10 @@ int MPID_Comm_AS_enabled(MPID_Comm *comm_ptr) {
#undef FCNAME
int MPID_Request_is_anysource(MPID_Request *request_ptr) {
return request_ptr-> == MPI_ANY_SOURCE;
int ret = 0;
if (request_ptr->kind == MPID_REQUEST_RECV)
ret = request_ptr-> == MPI_ANY_SOURCE;
return ret;
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