Commit 25e7fa93 authored by Sameh Sharkawi's avatar Sameh Sharkawi
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pamid: Collectives using process topology segv if FCA on

The non-blocking neighborhood collectives were not set up correctly
in pamid.

ibm (D199919)
Signed-off-by: default avatarSu Huang <>
parent 97ef2eeb
......@@ -714,6 +714,11 @@ void MPIDI_Comm_coll_query(MPID_Comm *comm)
comm->coll_fns->Neighbor_alltoall = MPIR_Neighbor_alltoall_default;
comm->coll_fns->Neighbor_alltoallv = MPIR_Neighbor_alltoallv_default;
comm->coll_fns->Neighbor_alltoallw = MPIR_Neighbor_alltoallw_default;
comm->coll_fns->Ineighbor_allgather = MPIR_Ineighbor_allgather_default;
comm->coll_fns->Ineighbor_allgatherv = MPIR_Ineighbor_allgatherv_default;
comm->coll_fns->Ineighbor_alltoall = MPIR_Ineighbor_alltoall_default;
comm->coll_fns->Ineighbor_alltoallv = MPIR_Ineighbor_alltoallv_default;
comm->coll_fns->Ineighbor_alltoallw = MPIR_Ineighbor_alltoallw_default;
/* MPI-3 Support, optimized collectives hooked in */
comm->coll_fns->Ibarrier_req = MPIDO_Ibarrier;
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