Commit 238dafdc authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp
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[svn-r10711] Added info about the -qfree=f90 option for xlf

parent b787e9ec
......@@ -984,6 +984,12 @@ if test "$enable_fc" = yes ; then
# The Fortran90 tests rely on free-form input which needs to be tested
# before any test that may modify FCFLAGS, e.g. the cray-pointer test.
# The order of the tests is important in compiler like g95.
# Recent experience showed that the IBM xlf compiler, at least on
# some systems, requires -qfree=f90 instead of -qfree . At this
# writing (11/27/12), this Autoconf macro still uses -qfree and has
# no mechanism for extension. This test may fail in that case; if
# you encounter a problem, document it and submit it to the autoconf
# bug list, not the MPICH bug list.
# See if the compiler supports the Cray-style pointers
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