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Added information about MPI_T to the documentation.

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# Several improvements to the SCIF netmod. (code contribution from
# Major revamp of the MPI_T interface added in MPI-3.
# Added environment variables to control a lot more capabilities for
collectives. See the README.envvar file for more information.
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MPICH is a high-performance and widely portable implementation of the
MPI-3.0 standard from the Argonne National Laboratory. This release
has all MPI 3.0 functions and features required by the standard with
the exception of support for the "external32" portable I/O format,
user-defined data representations for I/O, and the MPI_T interface
(some MPI_T functions are partially implemented).
the exception of support for the "external32" portable I/O format and
user-defined data representations for I/O.
This README file should contain enough information to get you started
with MPICH. More extensive installation and user guides can be found
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