Commit 162c71ac authored by Darius Buntinas's avatar Darius Buntinas
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[svn-r3240] fixed simple bugs that should have been caught by me before...

[svn-r3240] fixed simple bugs that should have been caught by me before committing r3230.  This fixes #190.
parent bc055b72
......@@ -599,7 +599,7 @@ static int MPIDI_CH3I_Send_rma_msg(MPIDI_RMA_ops *rma_op, MPID_Win *win_ptr,
mpi_errno = create_datatype(dtype_info, *dataloop, target_dtp->dataloop_size, rma_op->origin_addr,
rma_op->origin_count, rma_op->origin_datatype, &combined_dtp);
if (mpi_errno) MPIU_ERR_POP(mpi_errno);
(*request)->dev.datatype_ptr = combined_dtp;
/* combined_datatype will be freed when request is freed */
......@@ -629,7 +629,8 @@ static int MPIDI_CH3I_Send_rma_msg(MPIDI_RMA_ops *rma_op, MPID_Win *win_ptr,
if (*request)
if ((*request)->dev.datatype_ptr)
MPIU_Object_set_ref(*request, 0);
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