Commit 0d4fc04f authored by Xin Zhao's avatar Xin Zhao
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Revert "MPICH-specific initialization of mxm."

This reverts commit 4ce4103a.
parent 3b330831
......@@ -107,7 +107,6 @@ static int _mxm_conf(void);
int MPID_nem_mxm_init(MPIDI_PG_t * pg_p, int pg_rank, char **bc_val_p, int *val_max_sz_p)
int r;
int mpi_errno = MPI_SUCCESS;
......@@ -117,15 +116,6 @@ int MPID_nem_mxm_init(MPIDI_PG_t * pg_p, int pg_rank, char **bc_val_p, int *val_
MPIU_Assert(sizeof(MPID_nem_mxm_vc_area) <= MPID_NEM_VC_NETMOD_AREA_LEN);
MPIU_Assert(sizeof(MPID_nem_mxm_req_area) <= MPID_NEM_REQ_NETMOD_AREA_LEN);
/* mpich-specific initialization of mxm */
/* check if the user is not trying to override the tls setting
* before resetting it */
if (getenv("MXM_TLS") == NULL) {
r = MPL_putenv("MXM_TLS=rc,dc,ud");
MPIU_ERR_CHKANDJUMP(r, mpi_errno, MPI_ERR_OTHER, "**putenv");
mpi_errno = _mxm_init(pg_rank, pg_p->size);
if (mpi_errno)
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