Commit 0b2894f5 authored by William Gropp's avatar William Gropp
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[svn-r3850] Fixed typo in local thread enter/exit

parent ec408f09
......@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ static int MPIDI_CH3I_Send_rma_msg(MPIDI_RMA_ops *rma_op, MPID_Win *win_ptr,
(*request)->dev.OnFinal = 0;
(*request)->dev.OnDataAvail = 0;
mpi_errno = vc->sendNoncontig_fn(vc, *request, iov[0].MPID_IOV_BUF, iov[0].MPID_IOV_LEN);
MPIU_ERR_CHKANDJUMP(mpi_errno, mpi_errno, MPI_ERR_OTHER, "**ch3|rmamsg");
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