Commit 0489e27f authored by Pavan Balaji's avatar Pavan Balaji
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Fix to buildiface when Fint != int.

We were downgrading void * content to int and then upgrading it back
to an MPIR_Pint, losing bits in the process.  This worked fine when
Fint was just 4 bytes, but not when Fint was 8 bytes.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWilliam Gropp <>
parent 6814cb86
......@@ -2386,7 +2386,7 @@ sub addrint_in_decl {
sub addrint_in_arg {
my $count = $_[0];
print $OUTFD "(void *)(MPIR_Pint)((int)*(int *)v$count)";
print $OUTFD "(void *)(*(MPIR_Pint *)v$count)";
sub attrint_ctof {
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