Commit 03b12134 authored by Wesley Bland's avatar Wesley Bland Committed by Rob Latham
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Remove unused variable in alltoallw

Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <>
parent 5a10283b
......@@ -258,11 +258,9 @@ int MPIR_Alltoallw_inter(const void *sendbuf, const int sendcounts[], const int
int src, dst, rank, sendcount, recvcount;
char *sendaddr, *recvaddr;
MPI_Datatype sendtype, recvtype;
MPI_Comm comm;
local_size = comm_ptr->local_size;
local_size = comm_ptr->local_size;
remote_size = comm_ptr->remote_size;
comm = comm_ptr->handle;
rank = comm_ptr->rank;
/* check if multiple threads are calling this collective function */
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