Commit 023c7de2 authored by David Goodell's avatar David Goodell
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[svn-r6962] bugfix: greq_wait test failed because of inverted while-loop condition

Originally broken by r6919.

No reviewer.
parent 6faa6abf
......@@ -707,7 +707,7 @@ int MPIR_Grequest_waitall(int count, MPID_Request * const * request_ptrs)
other thread, we'll make progress on regular requests too. The
progress engine should permit the other thread to run at some
point. */
while (MPID_Request_is_complete(request_ptrs[i]))
while (!MPID_Request_is_complete(request_ptrs[i]))
mpi_error = MPID_Progress_wait(&progress_state);
if (mpi_error != MPI_SUCCESS)
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