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[svn-r9031] Improve the description of --enable-shared in the README.

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......@@ -645,12 +645,12 @@ Shared library support:
--enable-shared - Enable shared library support. Shared libraries
are currently only supported for gcc (and gcc-like
compilers) on Linux and Mac and for cc on
Solaris. To have shared libraries created when
MPICH2 is built, specify the following when MPICH2
is configured:
For users who wish to manually control the linker parameters, this
can be done using:
This option tries to auto-detect the architecture
you are using, and build the appropriate shared
libraries. You can also manually control the
platform detection using:
--enable-sharedlibs=gcc (on Linux)
--enable-sharedlibs=osx-gcc (on Mac OS X)
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