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    [svn-r10558] use MPI_Count in MPI_Status · ed089ed8
    David Goodell authored
    This commit actually does a few things to the status object:
    (1) `int count` becomes `MPI_Count count`;
    (2) `count` & `cancelled` have been reordered after the "public"
    fields (e.g., MPI_TAG) to ensure that direct access from Fortran is
    not somehow broken by the (potentially) non-INTEGER count field;
    (3) and a new future-proofing field, `abi_slush_fund`, has been added to
    attempt to allow us to add fields to the status object in the future
    without having to break ABI compatibility.
    There's still too much duplication of the status object's contents/layout
    in multiple pieces of the code, but I don't see a reasonable way to fix
    this in the near term.
    Warning: large count breaks the experimental Fortran binding code
    generated for handling the "sizeof(int)!=sizeof(MPI_Fint)" case.
    Reviewed by balaji@.