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    PAMID: MPI_Allreduce/MPI_Reduce coredump w/ DOUBLE_INT datatype · e87c158f
    Sameh Sharkawi authored
    This commit includes multiple fixes:
     - Fixes for MPI_IN_PLACE checking. cudaGetPointerAttributes returns
       true on MPI_IN_PLACE which causes issues. Now we check on MPI_IN_PLACE
       before passing pointer to cuda.
     - Enabling PAMID geometries (in order to get to PAMID collectives) when
       MP_CUDA_AWARE=yes. This allows for intercepting CUDA buffer.
     - Disabling FCA when MP_CUDA_AWARE=yes if user enables FCA.
     - Copying user recv buffer into temp recv host buffer before collective
       starts, especially in MPI_IN_PLACE cases.
    (ibm) D203255
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTsai-Yang (Alan) Jea <tjea@us.ibm.com>