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    Bug-fix: correctly modify win_ptr->accumulated_ops_cnt · 7b1a5e2d
    Xin Zhao authored
    accumulated_ops_cnt is used to track no. of accumulated
    posted RMA operations between two synchronization calls,
    so that we can decide when to poke progress engine based
    on the current value of this counter.
    Here we initialize it to zero in the BEGINNING synchronization
    calls (Win_fence, Win_start, first Win_lock, Win_lock_all),
    and correctly decrement it in the ENDING synchronization calls
    (Win_fence, Win_complete, Win_unlock, Win_unlock_all,
    Win_flush, Win_flush_local, Win_flush_all, Win_flush_local_all).
    We also use a per-target counter to track single target case.
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