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    Make SMP-awareness in MPI_Barrier consistent. · 4f977797
    Pavan Balaji authored
    The current implementation of SMP-awareness in MPI_Barrier was in
    MPIR_Barrier_impl.  This makes the default implementation of barrier
    SMP-aware.  However, if a device overrides barrier and then calls back
    the default implementation through MPIR_Barrier, it can no longer take
    advantage of SMP-awareness.  This patch moves the SMP-aware
    implementation to MPIR_Barrier_intra, which is called by
    MPIR_Barrier_impl through MPIR_Barrier, in the default implementation.
    See #1957.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Blocksome <blocksom@us.ibm.com>