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    Add an almost complete F08 binding with dir re-arranged · 4b0e4744
    Junchao Zhang authored
    Redesigned the binding infrastructer and gave an almost complete F08 binding.
    Remaining tasks include :
    1) supporting non-contiguous subarray on the C wrapper side.
    2) Use a script to autoset the now hard-coded compile time constants.
    The directory structure is as following:
    use_mpi_f08/                      --- To put F08 binding header files
    use_mpi_f08/wrappers_f/           --- To put Fortran wrapper files
    use_mpi_f08/wrappers_f/profiling/ --- To put PMPI Fortran wrapper files
    use_mpi_f08/wrappers_c/           --- To put C wrapper files (auto-gen'ed or not)
    Note we use *.F90 suffix instead of *.f90, since .F90 supports macro preprocess.
    This leaves room for future revision. Additionally, the tests directory is removed
    since it should not be there.
    No review since F08 binding is experimental now.